Frequently asked questions

Are the girls real?

Yes, it´s our pride and joy to deliver the same products you see the girls wearing. And the girls are exactly the same girls as in the photos and videos.

How is the shipping?

The vendors pack the products on very durable bags with no obvious stickers or tags. All the products are shipped in an envelope from Scandinavia, so be prepared to pay customs fees. However, we ship them as always as “gifts” to make the customs protocols an easy experience. If you have any issues with the order, reclamation time is 30 days from purchase. 

When do I receive the item?

Shipping abroad takes nowadays time a little bit more than before. Be prepared for several weeks. We cannot predict the exact time of arrival of the destination locates in other continent.

How to become a vendor?

Register your username into our database on login-page, complete your vendor profile and send the registration form to us. After inspecting your resume, we confirmate your vendor status and you are eligible to sell your panties right away.